This is how Profilpartners work

The HR consultants and headhunters at Profilpartners are your ideal sparring partners and we never hesitate to share our knowledge and provide you with input and new ideas. We prefer an open and honest dialogue and you can always count on us to speak our minds.

When we are faced with a recruitment challenge or have embarked on a headhunting mission, we prioritize the information that we need from the customer and the candidates.

Information flow

  • We provide our customers with a weekly status and we are very focused on constantly keeping the candidates in the loop
  • The candidates who have been in for an interview and a test with Profilpartners are always given personal feedback
  • We think it should be the future employer who should inform the candidate in the event of a job offer as this piece of good news creates a good foundation for the future cooperation between the parties
  • We are always happy to receive feedback from our customers and we perform an evaluation of the entire process once the recruitment has been concluded
  • We evaluate the situation respectively after 1, 3 and 5 months of employment


For detailed information on how we work click the sections headhunting/search and recruitment/selection.

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