Profilpartners is the specialist in recruiting top leaders, managers, technicians and specialists in the technical line of business and heavy technology industries

Profilpartners has through many years been the preferred business partner for Danish and International companies in engineering, product development and the technology industry. Those businesses are so diverse and they represent the whole specter within the line of modern technology.

There is a steady growth of demand of qualified employees with a technical background. We use many resources to find out where the best employees are and to what can make those employees keen to change their careers.

Our headhunters, researchers and recruiting specialists have vast experience in recruiting personnel in the larger as well as smaller technical businesses.

We offer our knowledge and insight in recruiting of employees in technical businesses and we know where we are going to find and attract the best people with technical background to our clients in this field. We are experienced in recruiting people on all levels from top management to sales managers, middle management, specialists, finance managers, engineers, technicians and many more. You can read more about the companies that have chosen Profilpartners as their recruitment partner here


Our headhunters work with technical recruitment every day!

With the responsibility for solving the recruiting jobs for our clients our specialists and headhunters have vast experience in looking into the company, the technical products and the job content when recruiting. We do quality interviews where we map the personal characteristics and we define the candidates’ technical competencies in great detail. We are then able to spare with our clients and the candidates on a high technical level.

We start the recruiting process with a client meeting to clarify expectations and needs for a particular employee regarding the professional and the personal qualities.

We will then start the search in a structured and focused way working through all the potential candidates, and we will continue the process until our client has employed a candidate and we can close the deal.


Profilpartners is the expert in recruiting technical employees on all levels

The broad experience that our specialists have in recruiting employees for technical companies has resulted in a vast network in this line of business. At the same time we closely follow the trends in the market and the technological developments so that we constantly have the up to date knowledge in line with the needs of our clients.

The headhunting of employees with a technical background is time consuming as there is a great need for technical manpower. Profilpartners' formalized work processes combined with the many resources that we use in the search for the right profile in the technical market always make us one step ahead.

We are able to quickly locate the interesting profiles for our clients in technical businesses, who often need employees with specialized knowledge for one or more technical areas.