As a rule Profilpartners grant a 3-6 months satisfaction guarantee on our recruitment solutions

We offer a 100 % satisfaction guarantee on the recruitment process, if you choose not to hire the employee we find for you, you do not pay the fee. Apart from working according to our ”no employment no pay” principle we grant a 3-6 months guarantee on our recruitment solutions and search assignments.

Should the new employee not meet your expectations, or should the candidate wish to end the employment within the agreed guarantee period, we will find you a replacement without additional charges.

All candidates, who are coming through Profilpartners:

  • have completed a professional personality test
  • have been through thorough interviews
  • have signed a document confirming that their criminal records are clean
  • have had references from one or more previous employers

At Profilpartners we like to do a good job in the first place – that saves us from having to bother with the guarantee!

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If you want to read more about the services we provide at Profilpartners, apart from the information available under the different sections of our website, you can find more information here English Company Presentation.