The teams at Profilpartners who recruit people for the trade & service industry have strong knowledge and understanding of the needs and challenges across the value chain for manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retail both within B2B and B2C businesses.

The FMCG industry’s challenges are due to the individualized and changing needs of the end-user. We have great experience in recruiting top management and specialists who are willing to adapt and who fit into this competitive and changeable line of business in constant development.

We know where the best employees are

Profilpartners experts have handled jobs in this line of business for many year and we have developed a strong insight in the different areas from production, distribution to wholesalers and retail.

We have recruited for the whole value chain in products and services where particularly e-trade and digitization have created a growing need for innovation, efficiency and profitability. The retail outlets still have a significant and important role in the physical contact with the customers and they are challenged by the multiple online purchase possibilities.

The consumers have changed their behavior due to the online shopping marked. This creates a need in the e-commerce companies to make their stock and logistics more efficient to be able to differentiate on the service so they can use it to their benefit in this competitive marked.


We recruit service minded and hardworking people with great commercial understanding and insight

Profilpartners experts are specialized in headhunting commercial profiles for the trade and service industry. We understand the mechanisms and we have a great insight into this industry and are good at reading the market. We understand your company’s needs when we together map the qualifications and competences we need when recruiting your next employee.

It needs a great leader and broad professional insight in the business to be able to handle the necessary reorganizations to create positive changes. The Managers with competencies as conceptual knowledge, commercial understanding and strategic insight are more and more necessary for your company to stand and maintain the position when challenged on the accessibility of products, information and recommendations.

We recruit people with professionalism and who understand sound business practice so they add positively to an innovative product development and efficient operation. Innovation is today created in collaboration with the end-user.

Co-creation is the process happening when the end-user contribute with experiences and review of both products and services. The end-user’s growing participation in the development process is at the same time a critical and welcome factor for FMCG businesses. It gives the businesses possibilities for continuously to develop in line with the end-users needs. However it creates high expectations for the companies to employ people who can adapt to change and are innovative as well as knowing the marked and the technological developments. It is therefore paramount for your company to have a recruitment partner to attract qualified candidates, who can handle the challenges that your FMCG business is facing.


Career Database – Trade & Service Industry

Profilpartners experts have many years of experience in recruiting for both small and large FMCG companies. We have found great people across all the functions from top management, sales people to the support and administration. Profilpartners has through more than 20 years gained insight and knowledge in the trade and service industry and we have followed the digital development within this area. Profilpartners has built up a very attractive career database within this industry which includes qualified candidates on all levels and across many different functions and areas.


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