Profilpartners has vast experience in recruiting management, engineers and specialists to the Life Science & Health Care industry.     

Profilpartners' headhunters who are working with recruitment in the Life Science and Health Care Industry have all great knowledge within this field and they understand how to recruit specialists with the right qualifications and competences for businesses in this industry.

Experience in recruiting the best people across the value chain

Profilpartners has many years of experience in recruiting employees in R&D, Sales, Marketing, Quality, Logistics and other regulative areas in the Life Science and Health Care Industry, and this gives our experts a great understanding and insight in the processes and specialties across the whole value chain.

The Life Science and Healthcare Industry is a complex area with many restriction, influencers and decision makers. The complexity demands that we as a recruiting partner have the insight and understand the details as well as being able to handle the issues and challenges influencing the candidate in mind – professionalism and personal competencies in relation to the company’s needs, competencies that we find necessary to be able to recruit in this line of business.

Our headhunters have recruited qualified candidates in positions in the following areas: Research & Development, Production, Q&A, Business Strategy, Sales, Finance, IT and Marketing for businesses in Life Science & Health Care.     

Career Database - Life Science & Health Care Industry

Profilpartners knows the industry and the professional and personal competencies that are needed as part of recruiting new people. Our headhunters and recruiting specialists follow the industry closely and keep updated on the technological developments. This way we can advise your company the best way in relation to the search and recruiting process. We have a large network and a broad career database with competent specialists across the whole value chain. We can through a thorough and effective process find new people with the right qualifications and competencies for your company.

Headhunting nationally and internationally for the Life Science Industry

Profilpartners is your effective recruiting partner when you need new people. Due to the many years of experience in headhunting and recruiting our experts understand the market and your company’s needs, no matter which line of business you are in – development, sales or production of medical equipment. Our broad experience in this field covers the following:

  • Pharma / Bio Pharma / Bio Technology
  • Medical Industry
  • Health Management
  • Engineering