Recruiting employees and headhunting managers and specialists

Profilpartners Search & Selection

At Profilpartners we have more than 20 years of experience recruiting employees and headhunting specialists and managers for a wide range of companies.

As a recruiting firm we specialize in three core activities: Technology, Sales, Finance & Accounting and we focus our efforts on filling positions within the following sectors:

The Technological Sector | Construction | Life Science | The Industry

We help Danish and international companies find the right employees and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our solutions.

Are you looking for a job? Check our vacancies here or create a profile and upload your CV to our database for free.

100% satisfaction guarantee on all Profilpartners’ recruitment solutions

We work in accordance with the ”no cure no pay” principle when we recruit or headhunt new employees. There are no strings attached when you choose to work with Profilpartners.

We’ll find your new employees!

We’ll find your new job!


Profil-Partner became Profilpartners

Profil-Partner (Profil Partner) became Profilpartners with an s in 2014. We added the s to imply that we partner with the companies as well as with the candidates based on our many years of working both as recruiters and headhunters. At the same time, we decided to consolidate our temporary employee solutions in a separate company, Vikarpartners, which deals with all our temporary employee activities.

Read more about the different headhunting and recruitment services which we offer.