Apply for the job

If you want to be part of the pool of candidates for a vacancy we recommend that you add your details to our job database and apply for the relevant job under "Vacancies" (you apply by clicking in to the job by "Søg stillingen"). When we have registered your application in the database you will receive an email confirmation within on working day.

The pool of candidates

When your application has been registered with us you will be part of the pool of candidates for the position that you have applied for. The pool is followed and scrutinized every day by a HR consultant for suitable candidates with the purpose of the initial interview with Profilpartners.

Interview and test

When HR consultant has chosen the profiles that are relevant for the position they will invite these candidates by mail to attend an interview. The interview will take about an hour and the first thing you will do is a personality test.


Interviews are held on an ongoing basis, so even if you do not hear from us straight away it does not mean that you are out of the pool or will not be in line for the second interview for the position. Our clients - the companies work very differently, some have short decision making processes and others have long processes. If you feel that you have waited too long for an answer from us you are always very welcome to contact us.


Profilpartners will always look after the candidates. Our consultants are working constantly to do their best in keeping the dialog with the candidates – both the candidates that are going on to the next stage and the ones that are not being considered relevant for this particular job.