Profilpartners 100 % satisfaction guarantee

We work according to the ”no employment no pay” principle when we recruit or headhunt new employees. There are no strings attached when you choose to work with Profilpartners when it comes to recruiting and headhunting candidates for specialized positions right up until you have signed the contract with the preferred candidate.

We do three follow-ups with the candidate in the first five months of employment as an extra precaution to ensure the quality of our solution and to make sure that both the candidate and the employer are happy.  

We offer a 100 % satisfaction guarantee on all our recruitment solutions. We can do this due to the successes we have had when our existing clients recommend us to other companies Profilpartners business has grown accordingly.


We keep our word – always!

With Profilpartners you get honest, direct and straight advise and guidance when you choose us to help you select or headhunt staff for your company. We pride ourselves throughout the hiring process to contribute with many years of experience in the areas of recruiting and headhunting employees. Our primary task is to deliver a candidate that fits the position and the company perfectly, regardless of whether we find the person through a headhunting process (Search) or whether we conduct a traditional recruitment process (Selection).

We are always dedicated, serious and effective.   


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