We will find your new job!

Are you looking for new job opportunities?

You stand a much better chance of getting a new job if you register with Profilpartners and upload your CV to our database.

If you feel your career has come to a standstill and you need new challenges, upload your CV and enter your data in our database. It is free and only takes a few minutes.

Please note that the interface is in Danish. However, you are more than welcome to upload your CV in English. If you have any doubts, please feel free to call us at +45 4343 4060.

Profile match

If we receive a request from one of our customers which matches your profile, you will be invited in for an interview with one of our headhunters or HR consultants. Not all vacancies are made public on our website which is the reason why our headhunters always consult the database first when we are hired to fill a vacancy for one of our customers.  


If you are invited in for a talk with one of our headhunters or HR consultants about new career possibilities you will receive input to your CV, your career choices, your salary expectations, your job situation in general, etc. As part of the recruitment process you will be given a personality test on which you will receive extensive feedback from one of our consultants.

Keep an eye out for our vacancies 

Even though we often screen our database in connection with our search for potential candidates it is always recommendable that you keep an eye out for new job postings on our website and call us in case you find a vacancy which you believe you could fill.

It is easy to keep your CV and data up to date

Of course we cannot guarantee that we can find you a new job, but if you have entered your data into our database and keep your CV updated with new skills and information you are well underway.

Who knows, maybe this small effort will be the start of a whole new life and a new career!