At Profilpartners we prioritize our client satisfaction very much and we monitor how our clients see our partnership.

We have more than 20 years of experience in recruiting and headhunting however we want to expand and develop all the more. We can do this with help from our clients’ feedback.

We often experience new clients’ contact us due to recommendations from people in their personal network who have worked with Profilpartners. Most of our new clients are by word of mouth from existing clients who have been very satisfied with the way we have handled their recruitment requests.

Below you can read extracts from the recommendations from our clients ranging from smaller local companies to large international companies and the public sector.

We are specialized in Engineering, Development & Technology – Life Science & Health Care – Construction & Manufacturing – Trade & Services – Finance & Accounting.

Our experienced specialist’s knowledge about the different areas gives us an incredible insight that enables us to find candidates that will match your company’s professional and personal requirements.

A small excerpt of testimonials from some of our customers:


”The final part of the process was very easy. I told which day we were able to have the job interviews,

and then Profilpartners arranged all the practicalities. My Manager and I agreed that it was a long time ago

that we have had such well qualified field of candidates at the interviews.”

- Carsten Madsen, Team Lead Fagerberg A/S


”We have used Profilpartners for many recruiting jobs because they know our company and understand the field.

From start to finish we have a great dialog and with their technical knowledge we fully trust that they will handle

the process independently without much involvement form us. They manage to be thorough and have the time to talk

and keep us informed throughout the process. This is great. I would not like to be just another dot in the queue”

- Carsten Bovin, General Manager Wago Danmark A/S


"We have employed very good people through Profilpartners and the recruiter had a really good knowledge and insight knowing our requirements and the culture of the company. They had the ability to understand the puls of the company and find the right candidates for us"

- Ivo Hribar, Økonomidirektør, Scan Global Logistics A/S


”Profilpartners’ ability to follow up on the recruiting process and us as customers is really good. You are never forgotten and the unique care in the collaboration makes me feel extra safe as a client.”

- Jess Nielsen, CEO and partner af All Remove A/S


”Compared to other recruiting companies that I have used before Profilpartners is levels above. The recruiters understood me and were able to put themselves in our place regarding issues with the job and the challenges. We had a good chemistry and the communication was super

- Timo Savolainen, Regional Sales Manager, Brevini


“It was very important that we found a new employee very fast and I was curious if Profilpartners could keep

their promise regarding finding a candidate quickly especially without compromising on the professional qualifications

and personal competences – and they could indeed”

- Joel Pedersen, Økonomichef, Metro Therm


”We have very high demands regarding the requirement to the people that we employ and we had the look out for

candidates ourselves, however those did not fit in the requirements that we had.

We went to Profilpartners, and now we use then over and over again to find people with technical competencies.”

- Jan Sachmann, Divisionschef, Phoenix Contacts A/S


“The recruiting process was professional and fast. I received feedback once a week and all agreements were

kept and on time. Profilpartners presented a selection of very different and interesting candidates who would all

have been able to fill the position.”

- Anne L. Andersen, Adm direktør, Hogrofe Psykologiske Forlag


”Profilpartners has helped us in the best possible way to find the Management Team. Sales Manager,

Finance Manager, Technical Manager, Project Manager, Purchase & Logistic Manager, Export Assistant and a

Technical Export Assistant. The candidates are all tested thoroughly and the candidate presentations are simple,

clear and straight forward

- Jenny Andersen, Adm. chef og HR-ansvarlig, DEKO Loft & Væg A/S