Search & Selection - find your new employee with Profilpartners

Profilpartners is a well-established recruiting firm

In short, our business is all about head-hunting top managers, mid-level managers and specialized employees, and recruiting employees for a wide range of Danish and international companies.

Solid knowledge of the business

Our CEO Lone Kampler founded Profilpartners in 1996.

Lone explains: “The consultants at Profilpartners have many years of general experience in the fields of HR and employee management and possess specialized knowledge about the competences required to hold positions within the areas of Life Science, Construction, The Energy Sector and The Technological Sector in general.

Over the years we have delivered solid results within recruiting and headhunting of employees. Our success in finding the right candidates and the fact that both employers and employees alike have been very satisfied with the solutions we have provided, are both factors which have contributed to turning Profilpartners into one of the most important actors in the market for Search & Selection today. That makes me really proud.”

Profilpartners' CEO, Headhunter Lone Kampler

What is Search & Selection?

Many people think that Search & Selection is a term which is exclusively used in connection with executive search (i.e. searching for managers and top management profiles) and that Search & Selection is solely about finding candidates for high level positions in the organization. That is definitely not the case! Click to read more about how Profilpartners work or about the Search/Headhunting process or the Recruitment process.

Integrity in the recruitment process

Apart from managing Profilpartners, Lone is still active as a headhunter. The quality and the integrity of the work we carry out are of the utmost importance to her and the rest of the headhunter team. She points out: “At Profilpartners we never compromise on the quality of our work. We both can, want to and dare challenge our customers when we are working with them – in most cases to the satisfaction of both parties.”

Employee solutions that last

We aim to create happiness and job satisfaction for the candidates and the employers whom we help by procuring a skilled employee.

Get to know more about Profilpartners

If you want to read a little bit more about the services we provide at Profilpartners, apart from the information available under the different sections of our website, you can find more information in our small English excerpt of our Danish company presentation.